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    CNC Routers Since 1986

    Welcome to Techno CNC Systems!  Our “Family of CNC Routers” represents 30 years of CNC research and development. Since 1986, Techno has been solving the toughest manufacturing challenges helping sign makers, woodworkers and general fabricators with their production needs.

    Our CNC equipment is designed to route, carve, drill, and engrave in wood, plastic, foam, aluminum and other materials for a wide range of applications. Techno meets the needs of all production shops with a full line of equipment for all size companies and budgets, including material handling systems, vacuum pumps and accessories to complete your system. Techno has provided great value in our CNC routers by delivering both high quality and economy. We take great pride in consistently designing and manufacturing the most user-friendly, economical and technologically advanced CNC routers. After installing thousands of machines worldwide, we know what our customers need and work diligently to keep up with market demands while remaining price conscious.  — Call (631) 648-7481 or request a free quote online today.

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    Cutting Demonstration on
    CNC Plasma Cutter
    Stainless Steel Engraving on
    Venture Plus CNC Router
    Easy Cabinet Nesting on
    HDS CNC Router
    Rotary Table 4th Axis Carving
    HD CNC Router

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    Our Mission:

    At Techno we are ready and willing to assist you. We encourage you to schedule a live demonstration and witness firsthand the routing of your product, time studies, tooling requirements, fixturing, and CNC programming. This valuable information will help you make an intelligent decision once you decide to automate your production. Please feel free to call to speak with one of our CNC Router experts about your production needs or contact us online.

    29 Trade Zone Drive, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 | Telephone: 1- 631-648-7481


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