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Top 10 CNC Tips from Techno, the Advantages of investing in a CNC Router for your Business

Read why a CNC router changes manufacturing allowing you to obtain a return on investment in less than six months or even in one routing job. Also, see our Customer Testimonials.


1. Low Operating Costs:

Investment in a CNC router can help lower operating costs by providing better material yields, quicker part cycle time, and prevent cutting errors that waste expensive materials.

8. Faster Cycle Times:

CNC's move through material faster, more consistently, and more accurately. This reduces or eliminates secondary hand finishing. Faster cycle time yields larger profits.

2. Shorter Lead Times:

CNC routers provide faster cut cycle time with precise information. Owners will know exactly how many minutes it will take to run a job on the CNC which will allow them to plan better and calculate operating costs.

9. Simplify Business Operations:

CNC Routers can take away the conventional approach of building a product. Imagine the process of cutting a 24″ perfect circle by hand.

3. Better Edge Finish:

A CNC router will precisely follow the geometry of the programmed part. The smooth, consistent motion will produce parts and provide a sharp, clean edge finish.

  • First, a skilled laborer draws the circle; second, using a jig saw, they will cut outside the line; third, using a sander will sand excess material until the circle is complete.

4. Better Material Yields:

With a CNC, parts can be nested together to maximize the material usage. This lowers overhead cost by reducing the amount of material used.

  • Dimensionally this will be off. Although there are other methods of producing a circle, they all involve a skilled labor creating and manipulating the workpiece and/or jigs.

5. Greater Accuracy:

A Techno CNC router is very repeatable. This accuracy guarantees the part geometry and product fit will be perfect for every cut made.

  • With a CNC router, a circle is drawn inside your CAD program and then this same program generates the toolpath for the machine to follow with basic instructions. Finally, it is executed on the router.

6. Greater Flexibility:

The only limitation of a Techno CNC Router is the imagination of the user. This new ability to create anything gives business owners new opportunities to produce products that could not be produced by hand.

10. Less Employee Conflict:

Methods to produce parts can differ from person to person. With CNC router work flow, procedures become more routine. This routine lessens human interaction and decision making avoiding conflicts and human error.

7. Business Expansion:

Faster cycle times and greater flexibility allow business owners to concentrate on company marketing, day-to-day sales quoting, and new programs to grow the business.

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