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Download PDF of Techno CNC Plasma Cutter SpecificationsWhat can Techno CNC Plasma Cutters do for you?
Techno offers affordable, high powered and user friendly 4x4, 4x8 and 5x10 CNC Plasma Cutting Table Systems ideal for small to mid-sized shops and educational classrooms. Techno CNC Plasma Cutters are extremely useful for cutting sheet metal in curved or angled shapes.

(Shown is Techno's NEW 4x8 CNC Plasma Cutter Model HD II 4896)(Shown is Techno's NEW 4x8 CNC Plasma Cutter Model HD II 4896)
  • Water Table / Steel V-grid / Downdraft
  • PC based WinCNC Controller
  • Unique design, easy to learn and operate
  • Brushless micro stepper motors and drives (servo optional)
  • Precision Helical Rack-n-Pinion on X and Y axes with ballscrew on the Z axis
  • All steel construction for rigid platform
  • Cuts up to 1.5" thick steel capacity
  • High-speed cutting up to 800 IPM
  • Electronic Torch Break away
  • Multiple plasma torch options available: Hypertherm Powermax Torches.
$ Small Investment, BIG RETURN $
  • Improve Cut Quality
  • Amazing edge finish
  • Increase Production
  • Decrease Overhead
  • Easy to Use and Operate
  • Up and Running in Under a Day
    • Ships Factory Tested and Assembled
    • Automatic Digital Torch Height Control
    • Torch Error Detection (Increases Consumable Life)
    • Automatic Torch Touch Off
    • Backed with over 30 Years of CNC Expertise

    NEW HD II CNC Plasma Cutting System Features:

    4x8 CNC Plasma Table shown: Techno CNC Plasma Cutting Table 4 x 4, 4 x 8 and 5 x 10 stock sizes

    Techno CNC Plasma Cutter Tables 4 x 4, 4 x 8 and 5 x 10 stock sizes:

    Technoís V-groove slats provide the best part cut quality reducing slat slag or weld to part that can affect contact edge finish. The CNC plasma tableís steel V-grid downdraft design evacuates smoke through the rear port of the machine.

    (Shown is 4x8 CNC Plasma Table.)

    Techno CNC Plasma Cutter with Hypertherm Plasma Torch


    The gantry is constructed of tubular steel with reinforcing ribs. These ribs are welded throughout the length of the column, which result in a steady firm beam assembly. This quality engineering and workmanship result in smooth precision cutting and fabulous edge finish.


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    Drive Motors:

    The Techno HD II Plasma Cutter utilizes brushless micro-stepper motors. These motors require no regular maintenance, therefore reducing any maintenance downtime.
    Techno HD II Plasma Cutter utilizes brushless micro-stepper motors

    Gantry Support (Uprights):

    The Gantry uprights are cast iron with heavy duty gussets formed into the casting. Each support is precision machined for housing the various drive assemblies including motors, bearings, belts, and wiring harnesses.
    Techno Plasma Cutter Gantry Supports
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    Techno's New CNC Plasma Cutter System is available in 4x4, 4x8, 5x10 CNC Plasma tables CNC Plasma Metal Cutting for your shop or classroom.


    Quality cutting starts from the ground up and that is why the Techno CNC HD II Plasma Series is engineered for optimal performance. Our highly-trained staff of engineers use state of the art software that provides mathematical testing of designs, called Finite Element Analysis (FEA). It allows them to analyze load characteristics of the machines components ultimately determining whether material improvements are required to build a better machine or if deductions/different building strategies can be taken to reduce the cost without sacrificing quality. We at Techno go the extra mile to provide a complete system of strength and power while reducing costs. The end result is money saved in our customerís pockets.
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    Drive Train Assembly:

    The Techno HD II Plasma Cutter uses precision helical rack and pinion on the X and Y axes. The mounting of the rack is inverted to help keep dust and debris from building up on the drive system, and this assures smooth motion and long term reliability. The precision gearbox is directly coupled to the stepper motor and pinion. This eliminates belt stretch inaccuracies assuring high-speed machining while the system positions the torch accurately.

    Base Frame:

    The base frame is fabricated from heavy-duty tubular steel that is welded, precision machined and stress relieved so that the foundation remains true and steady over the operational life of the machine.
    Techno HD II Plasma Cutter uses precision helical rack
    Precision Helical Rack
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    All the electrical components are housed and wired in a doubleddoored Nema 4 electrical enclosure. This allows for easy access and service when needed. All wiring is tagged so that when service is required, the customer can easily navigate the cabinet. In addition, the cabinet serves as a work bench for the tools required.

    Techno CNC Plasma PC based WinCNC Controller
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    FREE Lifetime Technical Support:

    At Techno, our customers remain our concern long after their machine ships. We provide free application assistance and tech support.
    • Call: 1-631-648-7481
    • E-mail:
    • Visit us at:

    Techno provides a 34-page detailed CNC Plasma User Manual that includes:

  • Safety Information
  • Setup and Installation
  • Controller Functionality
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Maintenance Information
  • Cut Quality, Consumables, and more
  • Techno provides a 34-page detailed CNC Plasma User Manual PC based WinCNC Controller Techno CNC Plasma Cutting Systems

    Techno CNC Plasma Cutter - CNC Plasma Projects

    Check out some awesome sheet metal designs done with our CNC Pasma Cutter in Ethiopia

    plasma cutter art plasma cutter projects plasma cutter projects

    CNC Plasma Metal Cutting Art Sample by Techno CNC Systems

    CNC Plasma Metal Cutting Art Sample made in Techno CNC Systems Shop
    CNC Plasma Sign Making by Techno CNC Systems cnc plasma cutter project ideas: This fire pit was made on a Techno CNC Plasma Cutter
    CNC Plasma Sign Making by Techno CNC Systems
    This fire pit was made on a Techno CNC Plasma Cutter.
    Techno CNC Plasma Cutter Sign Machine for Metalworking Shop. Techno CNC Plasma Art Design
    Techno Plasma Cutter Sign by CNC Metal Cuttiing Shop
    Techno CNC Plasma Art Design
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