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Coolant Systems CNC Routers

HD CNC Router with Coolant System
Micro Drop Coolant System on HD CNC Router
Micro Drop Coolant System on LC CNC Router
Above: HD CNC Router with Coolant System
Right: (top and bottom) Closeups of Coolant Systems on CNC Routers


Micro-Drop Coolant System

This coolant system is ideal for use with the Techno vacuum table. This unit's microdispenser applies a very small amount of high-performance vegetable-based lubricant to the cutting tool. It does this by atomizing the lubricant in a high-velocity air stream, which delivers the lubricant to the cutting tool. The result is higher material removal rates, improved finish, tighter tolerances and increased productivity.


Fluid Viscosity Range: 50-200 SUS
Liquid Flowrate Range: 4-140 drops/min
Inlet Pressure Range: 60-125 psi
Air Consumption: 1.7 cu ft/min @ 80 psi
Reservoir Capacity: 14 oz
Typical application requires 10 oz. of lubricant per 8 hr. shift.

Vortex Tube

Cold Air Guns are powered by a Vortex Tube – a unique device that creates a vortex from compressed air and separates it into hot and cold airstreams. Here's how it works. The vortex tube's cylindrical generator causes the input compressed air to rotate reaching speeds up to 1,000,000 rpm as it is forced down the inner wall of the hot – or longer end of the vortex tube. At the end of the hot tube, a small portion of this air exits through a needle valve as hot air exhaust. The remaining air is forced back through the center of the incoming air stream at a slower speed. The heat in the slower moving air is transferred to the faster moving incoming air. This super-cooled air flows through the center of the generator and exits through the air exhaust port.
Vortex Tube


Powered by: Filtered factory air (70-100 psig / 4.8-6.9 bar) Consumes 15 SCFM (425 SLPM)
Air Consumption: 0.3 cu ft/min @ 90 psi

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