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“The machine literally is used for most of the day, every single day. We are all very satisfied. The quality is great. The finish is great. The longevity of the machine is great (the company has had the machine for over 3+ years now… running it constantly!) The accuracy is great. I am very pleased with it. Overall, our Techno CNC 4x8 machine is great.” Read Testimonial

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Hear from our CNC Educational customers how students are learning CNC machining to prepare students for the technical manufacturing jobs of tomorrow.

Texas A & M Student Installation Gets Wide Acclaim at Texas A&M
(As seen in the February 2011 Issue of Modern Woodworking)
"Techno Inc. recently played a major role in helping a group of Texas A&M architecture students turn their design concepts into reality."Read More...

Breathitt County High School Conventional shop class becomes computer-integrated manufacturing
(As seen in the October 2010 Issue of
"Everyone pitches in to bring computer integrated manufacturing classes to a rural high school." Read More...

Hawkins High School 'Shop' Students Flex Creative Muscle on Charity Art Project
(As seen in the March 5, 2006 issue of the Tyler Courier-Times Telegraph)
"In the technology education classroom at Hawkins High School, the air is clean and wood-particle-free." Read More...

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