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EnRoute Rapid Texture Feature
Released in EnRoute 4.1!

EnRoute Software is pleased to announce the release of Rapid Texture, a parametric surface design capability in EnRoute Pro and Wood Pro that allows you to create a textured surface incorporating EnRoute's surface design tools and then cut it using a larger ball nose tool or other profile tool.

Building on our existing technology, EnRoute engineers figured out a way to use the properties of selected contours to produce amazing textures. With Rapid Texture, the cut time is reduced, making textured surface jobs more affordable to customers and more profitable for you.

Graphics can be added via inlay or by incorporating 3D surfaces into the texture itself with amazing results. And textures can be repeated or tiled depending upon the needs
of the job. Watch how easy and cost effective it is to use the new Rapid Texture capabilities in EnRoute!

Click Here for a Movie about the New Rapid Texture Feature

Contact: Roy Valentine, Techno Systems Sales Mgr.

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