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Techno CNC Router Systems Proudly Announces a New Custom Interface for their HDS Series CNC Router

New Hyde Park, New York —
HDS production screen interface
Techno is proud to announce the availability of a Bi-lingual production screen interface for those production shops that are concerned about operator usage of CNC configuration parameters. The new production screen interface only allows basic operations which include Homing the machine, Moving to a Clearance Position, Loading a nc program, Execute a program, Pause and Reset a program. “This is all that is needed to run production,” says Roy Valentine, Assistant Vice President of Techno Inc.

The menus are configurable in English and Spanish, but can be changed to any language upon request. In addition, a counter has been added so that ownership can calculate the throughput HDS Main Screenand processing time for each job. The internal jobs report will give management the data they require to calculate their machine operating costs. If production management needs to access the main system they can do so by entering the system security password and change or collect any information they need.

This new security interface is available now for all HDS model machines.

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