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New Techno Plasma TechProbe Digitizer for Reverse Engineering Geometric Shapes

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New Hyde Park, NY – Techno Inc. is excited to announce their newest CNC Plasma Accessory: The TechProbe Digitizer. The new digitizing probe mounts easily to any Techno CNC plasma machine. The user-friendly TechProbe software will digitize an object with simple or complex geometric shapes. Input the object, scan-area dimensions and desired step- resolution into the software, and the program automatically collects the data. Most of the software’s default settings, like speeds and resolutions, will not have to be reconfigured.
Digitized 2-dimensional objects are generated onto the screen in a field of automatic toolpath points. Techno’s TechProbe software allows you to view the scan through its active-preview window. Parts can be imported into CAD/CAM plasma design software for revision or the data can be immediately cut without any revision, modification, or manipulation.

Contact: Roy Valentine, Techno Systems Sales Mgr.

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