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Techno CNC Router Systems proudly introduces their NEW HDS Roller Hold-Down System

New Hyde Park, New York —

Techno is proud to introduce their NEW HDS Roller Hold-Down System. This new system designed by Techno is available for all Techno HDS Model CNCís. It is designed to apply downward pressure to low grade plywood, OSB, or any other sheet material that are not vacuum hold-down friendly.

In addition, this new hold down fixturing system allows sheets to be stacked so that two or more sheets can be routed simultaneously thus increasing productivity. This new system is ideal for upholstered furniture manufacturers, construction building products, and proves to be a solution for routing applications that have minimal surface area which prevent conventional vacuum hold down to be an effective holding solution.

The new roller hold-down features (4) 2Ē diameter urethane-covered steel rollers with pneumatic auto roller lift, and retract. The rollers are independently controlled which assures a set of rollers are always on the part being routed. The system includes adjustable striker plates so that pneumatic switch valves can be set along the length of the machine thus allowing smaller partial sheet scraps to be routed saving valuable partial sheet size materials in inventory. The roller hold-down has a four inch lift, which provides plenty of clearance for loading and unloading product.

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