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HDS-F 60120 5x10 CNC Router for foam cutting applications. Click to learn more.

Techno targets CNC Foam Cutting applications with the HDS-F Foam Cutting CNC Routers

Techno CNC Systems is proud to offer its new HDS-F CNC Router designed with an extra high gantry clearance for fabrication shops requiring a large Z work envelope to accommodate long tooling, or to clear tall parts.

The HDS-F CNC Router, like all HDS models, features an all-steel tubular frame and gantry supported with uprights made of cast iron to house the drive assemblies. The HDS-F machine comes standard with a 12 HP HSD high frequency automatic tool changer spindle, maintenance free brushless Delta AC servo motors and drives, automatic tool calibration, 8-position tool rack, 4-Zone vacuum T-slot table, and a Becker Vacuum Pump. The HDS-F CNC Router is powered by an Osai industrial AC servo controller with operational features that include Techno’s easy to use CNC Interface and a hand-held pendant to fine tune and control the axis that is selected.

The added element to the HDS-F CNC Router is the 23.5" raised gantry and an air blast system that keeps materials such as foam away from the helical rack and pinion and helps prevent them from entering the drive system. This extended height is ideal for packaging manufacturing or customers that need a tall Z axis for part clearance.

Techno has extended and developed their line of CNC routers to include the HDS-F machine in response to the growing market demand for taller gantry clearance machining. “We decided to offer a raised gantry CNC router because our customers have been asking for it. From that point, our engineers went to work to design and build a machine stable enough to handle the higher loads due to the increased moment of inertia due to the high gantry structure. Using advanced CAD/CAM programs to calculate frame stress (also known as Finite Element Analysis), Techno engineers were able to construct the HDS-F frame and servo drive system,” says Techno’s President, Roy Valentine.

Techno CNC’s HDS-F raised gantry CNC router is an affordable solution for production shops requiring high speed cutting for fabricated foam products such as 3D foam models, props, sculptures, monuments, architectural shapes, P.O.P. displays, and more. The HDS-F machine works with all popular CAD/CAM software packages.

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