CNC Router Systems from Techno Inc.

“Small Investment Big Return”
2012 Video Contest Winners

Contest Winner1st Place
ClickFold Plastics

At ClickFold we make the manufacturing of custom plastic enclosures, plastic parts and prototypes fast and simple. Our unique zero-molding method enables us to deliver exceptional products, such as trays, covers and housings using simple operations. Quick turn-around engineering and just-in-time short production runs are our specialty.
Contest Winner2nd Place
Clark Magnet High School

We are the Clark Magnet High School Advanced Engineering Class. We compete in competitions ranging from FIRST Robotics, to launching high altitude weather balloons to near space. We use the Techno Router to create various parts. The product we produced for this video is a wood version of the Techno, Inc. logo.
Contest Winner3rd Place
Oxenham Design

We are a full service props and miniatures company specializing in fabricating all things creative. Our Techno machines all of our products, either in part, or in full. Robots, guns characters and models, itís all done with a Techno!