Techno NEW TITAN CNC Controller Upgrade is Now Available

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  • Compatible with Techno LC Series (plus or standard), RG, Pro Series, Gantry III, Patriot and Servo DaVinci machines.
  • Can run from modern day computers or laptops
  • No more PCI Card requirements
  • No more short (10 ft. or less) SCSI connection to machine, connects via ethernet connection (CAT-5 cable)
  • Compatible with Windows version 8 or higher
  • Upgrade Techno CNC interface. Same easy to use commands, but with a modern day spin, and functionality
  • Real time preview
  • Includes integrated, real-time 3D toolpath display and G-Code listing view.
  • Easy to access drive
  • Simple package, easy upgrade

Techno CNC Servo G-Code Interface

Techno CNC Preview Screen Techno CNC Run Screen
Techno CNC Diagnostics Screen Techno CNC Settings Screen
For more information on Techno CNC G Code Interface: Call 1-631-648-7481
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