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CNC 4th Axis Rotary Table Option

Techno CNC Routers are all 4 axis ready

Whether you need to route an intricate 3D carving on a cylindrical surface or index a part by rotating it a set number of degrees, the Techno 4th axis upgrade will prove to be a valuable tool. In addition, Techno offers a rotary outrigger for it’s rotary tables. The outrigger allows for a higher volume production by utilizing a single axis drive. Companies can increase their production by vast numbers without having to invest in numerous machines. A single machine can be equipped with up to six router spindles and six rotary stations, thus increasing the production by six times. View technical information on 4th axis.


• High precision gearing with multiple ratios available for specific applications
• Heavy-duty body housing with 2-rows of double-row angular contact ball bearings
• Easy to setup and operate
• Adapts to any Techno CNC router
• Comes complete with tailstock and center set
• 1-1/8” diameter drive spur

4th Axis Rotary Option4th Axis Rotary Option

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