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Nested-based manufacturing is made easy on the HDS CNC Router

Contact: Roy Valentine

Techno CNC Systems HDS CNC Router fulfills market demands of nested-based manufacturing

CNC Router streamlines cabinet nesting increasing product volume and greater profits
Watch our video showing the HDS CNC Router cabinet nesting machine

New Hyde Park, NY —
April 2014

The innovative Techno HDS Series CNC Router assures faster cycle times utilizing an 8-position tool changer increasing production throughput giving the cabinet maker and general fabricator the opportunity to expand their business by benefiting with improved component quality in today’s competitive market. Current and future demands are met in fluctuating business cycles combining the CNC machine and software technology producing components and products in a made-to-order environment. Large and small shops can manage material and labor more efficiently while gaining value-added facility space with the turnkey system. The HDS’s open architecture integrates seamlessly with all industry-standard CAD/CAM software for overall success of nested-based manufacturing. Cabinet components are rapidly produced with repeatable accuracy performing a series of multiple steps such as cutting, drilling and having the edges ready for joining on one machine without human intervention.

The Techno HDS provides superior cut quality and better edge finish with minimal setup and downtime. The machine is powered by AC servo motors and drives that deliver smooth, accurate motion, is equipped with a 12 HP HSD high frequency automatic tool changer and utilizes superior quality components such as THK bearings and rails on all three axes. A multi-zoned vacuum table surface allows the operator to easily switch from full sheet processing to smaller part processing and gasketing can be routed to accommodate various material sizes and styles. In addition, the machine comes standard with three pneumatic alignment stops for the operator to bank the edge of the material against them for precise alignment of the material to the machine origin. The moving gantry provides a stationary work surface saving valuable floor space allowing large production shops to purchase multiple installations.

See the HDS CNC Router online and get the brochure at www.technocnc.com/HDS-CNC.pdf. Please contact Techno’s sales application engineers today to learn more about how this machine can benefit your business and product quality or visit www.technocnc.com.