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New CNC Braille Insertion Tool from Techno CNC Easily Automates Braille Sign Making

Braille Insertion Tool from Techno CNC

New Hyde Park, NY –
Techno CNC Routers is proud to introduce the New CNC Braille Insertion Tool, the easiest way to automate any Braille Sign Making business instantly.

This new tool can be used on any Techno CNC Router!

"The process is very simple and straight forward," says CNC Router Sales Manager, Roy Valentine, "Users can program their sign and using a simple drill routine, drill the holes, then repeat the same routine to insert the Braille balls (acrylic or stainless), without reconfiguring the machine."
Techno's new tool will now eliminate the time consuming, tedious manual process of inserting the Braille balls by hand. In seconds, the holes can be drilled and the balls inserted, completing the entire sign job right on the machine without manual intervention. Additionally, customers can nest multiple signs together increasing material yields. Combining jobs will free up operators to handle other tasks, increasing production and profits, while decreasing overhead.

The New Braille Insertion Tool complete set includes a high-quality drill bit with acrylic and stainless balls.

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