New CNC Plasma Cutter from Techno CNC Systems

NEW CNC Plasma Cutter-TechnoRonkonkoma, NY — April 2015
Download the PDF of the New CNC Plasma Cutter Press Release or read the full story below:

Techno is proud to announce the unveiling of its new HPLC CNC Plasma Cutter. This new model is available in (4) standard sizes: 2ft x 2ft (Plasma Mini), 4ft x 4ft, 4ft x 8ft, and 5ft x 10ft. The new plasma features a stand-alone micro stepper controller with an easy to use and learn hand held control pendant. The machine can be equipped with any Hypertherm mechanized Powermax torch. Another key feature of Techno’s CNC plasma machine is a down draft table design and V-groove grid support slats for point contact on the material being cut. This type of grid provides better cut quality to the part. The HPLC CNC Plasma also includes a magnetic torch break-away with auto Z-axis retract. This protects the torch from any damage from an obstruction or if a collision takes place. The machine automatically retracts the torch, allowing the operator to re-seat the head, remove the obstruction, then resume the cut, saving the valuable material.

The new HPLC plasma can be equipped with several different accessories such as a rotary table for tube cutting, twin z-axis for a drill head or engraver to identify parts, and a fume filtration system, to name a few. The machine accepts industry standard G and M codes, making it compatible with the most popular CAD/CAM packages.

Contact Techno’s sales application engineers today at (631) 648-7481 or visit www.technocnc.com/cnc-plasma-cutting-system/cnc-plasma-cutter.htm to learn more about how this new CNC Plasma Cutter can benefit your business and product quality or fill out the convenient online form for a free quote.