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Techno HD CNC Routers for wood, plastic, aluminum, foam and more!

See detailed features 4x8 CNC Router Techno HD Series Model 4896
Shown 4x8 CNC Router Techno HD Series Model 4896

The HD CNC Router is a proven workhorse with features such as all steel construction, precision linear rails and bearings, helical rack and pinion on the X and Y, and a ball screw on the Z axis. The system includes brushless microstepper motors and controls with a very easy-to-use hand-held controller. The hand-held controller is so user-friendly that setup, installation and training is completed through our self-taught, step-by-step manuals. We guarantee you will be cutting parts the same dayyou connect power to the machine! In addition, because it is a moving gantry style machine, it saves on valuable floor space in your shop.


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HD CNC Router Customer Testimonials

HD CNC Router reviewed by Custom Mouldings and Millwork Business

Thomas Trump, CNC Operator – Old World Mouldings

Techno HD CNC Router Customer Testimonial - Manufacturing Success: Point of Purchase Display Company Business Strategy

Josh Aronson, LaMar Plastics  — “Iíve been in business for 51 years. Itís crazy to think that the Techno machines that I bought in the last 4 years now make up the majority of my business.”
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Techno HD CNC Router Customer Testimonial -the addition of our Techno HD 4896 CNC Router has added tremendous flexibility to our current machine shop

Marty Fennel, Jordan Box Company — “The addition of our Techno HD 4896 CNC Router has added tremendous flexibility to our current machine shop.” ... “The staff at Techno was awesome, and more importantly, they continue to support our needs every day after the purchase. I have no idea why anyone would select another vendor if they need a CNC Router.”

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HD CNC Router Customer Testimonial - CNC Sign Shop Loves its Techno HD CNC Router

Vincent Marino, Owner, Signarama — “Our HD Series 4' x 8' CNC Router has significantly changed how we do business. For many products, our turnaround time is quicker, our quality is better, more consistent, and our profit margins are up. We have entered new business lines, too! Not surprisingly we have started to discuss purchasing a second Techno router.”

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HD CNC Router Customer Testimonial - Cabinets and engraving customer chose a Techno HD CNC Router because of the value for the money and the ease of working with the machine. Back to Top

Susan Lambert, Riverside Cabinets and Engraving  —
We chose Techno for our CNC Router needs because of the value for the money and the ease of working with the machine. We know that the machine will decrease our production time and expand our capabilities. This will allow us to take on additional jobs that we would not have been able to do before. Sign carving is done in a fraction of the time that is spent hand carving.
Thank you, Techno, and have a wonderful day!”

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HD CNC Router
Process Area
Foot Print
HD 4848
HD 4896
HD 60120
HD Vacuum Pump Options

Vacuum Pumps

Techno offers Becker Rotary Vane vacuum pumps which are quiet, clean, and require minimal maintenance. The standard size we offer is a 8.8 HP or twin pack, which incorporates two 8.8 HP pumps mounted on a steel frame. These pumps pull 25'' Hg @173CFM each. This level of vacuum is essential for holding the parts in place while being routed.
Micro-Drop Coolant System

Micro-Drop Coolant System

The Micro-Drop Coolant System is ideal for use with the Techno vacuum table. The unit's microdispenser delivers a very small amount of high-performance vegetable-based lubricant to the cutting tool by atomizing the lubricant in a high-velocity air stream. The result is higher material removal rates, improved finish, tighter tolerances and increased productivity.
Braille Insertion Tool

Braille Insertion Tool

Techno offers a Braille Insertion Tool that mounts in your spindle and by repeating the drill routing (with the spindle turned off), it will install the Braille beads automatically and set the depth precisely. You can program the sign and using a simple drill routine, drill the holes. Then repeat the same routine to insert the Braille balls (acrylic or stainless) without reconfiguring the machine making the time-consuming, manual tedious process of inserting the balls by hand obsolete.
Braille Insertion Tool

4-Axis Rotary Table

Techno's 4-Axis rotary table assembly comes complete with a 3-jaw chuck, tail stock, and linear guide track for easy tail stock movement and center alignment. The addition of Techno's 4-axis rotary table assembly adds greater functionality to the machineís capabilities allowing for 4-axis cutting in both 2D and 3D carving and indexing functions.
Software packages

Techno Software Packages

Techno understands your needs and keeps it simple, giving you the tools to produce your product, and most important providing a quick return on investment. Performance, software programming tools, Ease-of-use, learning curve, support, and scheduled updates are the ingredients we looked for when selecting programming solutions to integrate with our equipment. With this stringent criteria, we researched the software industry and concluded that EnRoute, Vetric and VisualMill (RhinoCam) were selections offering the tools that support the majority of our customer needs.
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