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Techno LC Series Tabletop,

a superb choice for small to mid-sized shops, is a high performance production CNC Router LC Tabletop CNC Router shown with optional stand and coolant systemmeeting all demanding applications and can be equipped with a variety of accessories.
Sign Making
Musical Instruments
Wood Working
General Fab
Model Making
Techno LC Tabletop CNC Router
Shown with optional stand and coolant system

Why does the industry love this machine so much?

September 2012 — ... It's our new addition to the family, a Techno CNC LC 3024 tabletop machine! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! The packing was amazing, I don't think anything shifted, even a millimeter. This is going to be amazing for us. It will be so awesome to be able to run 2 machines now with the accuracy that we need, at the speeds we need. Our plan is to be able to physically show people, when we teach our techniques at various seminars, how user friendly, accurate and rigid these Techno machines really are. After looking the machine over for any damage that can occur when shipping something of this size and weight, it becomes even more apparent how well these machines are constructed. Not only are the materials top notch, the overall fit and finish leaves the competition in the dust! This thing is tank. ... I'm in CNC router heaven for a second time this year! — Read Story

 — Jamie Oxenham, Oxenham Design, CNC Customer Since 2005

  Top 10 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A CNC Router
• Reliable—Machine just runs and runs
• Superior workmanship—Reduce Mistakes
• Improve my product quality and finish
• Techno’s esteemed reputation
• Veteran technical staff with over
  15 years experience
• Safer method of production vs.
   manual interaction
• Flexible tool designed for all shops
• Machine has paid for itself in less
  than 6 months
• Lower my overhead–Increase my production
• Low Cost—Easy to maintain
• The LC has saved my business
• Abundance of accessories to meet any production needs
• Online support site with WeBex
• Willingness to custom integrate a system for my needs
• Great support—Lifetime FREE tech support and application assistance
• Techno’s application engineering department can cut anything thrown at them because of their knowledge base!

CNC Router
Process Area
Foot Print
LC 3024
LC 5024

Features - for more specific detail

• Heavy-duty construction • Precision ball screw drives • Great tech support
• Aluminum t-slot table surface • World renown THK bearings • Windows® based easy-to-learn and use G-Code Interface (multiple languages)
• Closed-loop servos • High-speed ultra-smooth cuts
• Small floor space requirements • Precision spindles

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Available Options for the Techno LC Tabletop CNC Router
Techno Automatic Tool Changers Spindles Spindles
Techno provides the correct spindle for optimum machine performance and offers Automatic Tool Change and Manual Collet Type Spindles. These are available in the ranges of 1 to 16 HP, and each set comes standard with ER industry collets/wrenches, vacuum shroud, inverter electronic controls, line reactor for spindle surge protection, automatic spindle, start/stop relay, and programmable speed control circuit board allowing users to predefine the spindle RPM within CAD/CAM programs. Also, Techno offers a High-Frequency Spindle Pressure Foot with Vacuum Shroud Attachment designed to apply downward force to the part while being machined
LC series CNC Router Vacuum Table Techno Vacuum Table
Techno vacuum table and accessories are designed to be as universal as possible. Techno understands that fixturing parts can be one of the most complex aspects of manufacturing and our vacuum table allows for both mechanical and vacuum fixturing to be used simultaneously. This flexibility enables you to process sheets of material with the vacuum hold-down or small or irregular shaped products utilizing the vacuum along with mechanical clamps.
Single Becker Rotary Vacuum Pump Vacuum Pumps
Techno offers Becker Rotary Vane vacuum pumps which are quiet, clean, and require minimal maintenance. The standard size we offer is a 10 HP or twin pack, which incorporates two 10 HP pumps mounted on a steel frame. These pumps pull 25'' Hg @173CFM each. This level of vacuum is essential for holding the parts in place while being routed.
Micro-Drop Coolant System Micro-Drop Coolant System
The Micro-Drop Coolant System is ideal for use with the Techno vacuum table. The unit's microdispenser delivers a very small amount of high-performance vegetable-based lubricant to the cutting tool by atomizing the lubricant in a high-velocity air stream. The result is higher material removal rates, improved finish, tighter tolerances and increased productivity.
pop-up pins Pop-up Pins
Techno offers material location pop-up pins for all CNC Routers. These electro/pneumatically controlled pins are automatically retracted when the cutting spindle is turned on. The pins swing below the table surface thus moving out of the way of the cutting path. These pins feature a hard Phenolic stop that can be machined for precision pin alignment to the axis of travel.
A.R.T. Hand-held Controller: A.R.T. Hand-held Controller
Techno A.R.T. (Advanced Remote Technology) hand-held controller is engineered with new advanced technology for use with all Techno CNC Routers in conjunction with any PC. The A.R.T. allows you freedom to move around the machine during setup and operation while providing complete control of all machine functions through easy-toread and understand menus on a color LCD touch-screen monitor. A.R.T. is fully equipped with easy-to-understand button definition and explanation functions that allow complete access to all of the machines powerful controls without the need to decode complex squiggle symbols or reference to an operating manual.
4th Axis Rotary Table 4th Axis Rotary Table
All Techno servo-controlled CNC Routers are 4-axis ready. The Techno 4th axis upgrade will prove to be a valuable tool, whether you need to route an intricate 3D carving on a cylindrical surface or index a part by rotating it a set number of degrees. In addition, Techno offers a rotary outrigger for its rotary tables, which allows for a higher volume production by utilizing a single axis drive. You can increase production by six times with a single machine equipped with up to six router spindles and six rotary stations. View technical information on 4th axis.
Braille Insertion Tool Braille Insertion Tool
Techno offers a Braille Insertion Tool that mounts in your spindle and by repeating the drill routing (with the spindle turned off), it will install the Braille beads automatically and set the depth precisely. You can program the sign and using a simple drill routine, drill the holes. Then repeat the same routine to insert the Braille balls (acrylic or stainless) without reconfiguring the machine making the time-consuming, manual tedious process of inserting the balls by hand obsolete.
Digital Registration System Techno Digital Registration System
Techno Vision is equipped with a digital camera that automatically locates the reference markers on a print file, verifying the image and adjusting it for linear and rotational distortion. Techno Vision software operates with the Techno G-Code CNC Interface transferring this information to the CNC Router allowing you to route digital prints almost effortlessly. This new system seamlessly integrates with traditional graphics programs and quickly mounts on all Techno CNC Routers.
I cut I-Cut Digital Registration System
Techno I-Cut uses a camera attached to the gantry that retrieves the location of the registration marks and uses them to find the location of the material. I-Cut can use as many registration marks as needed in order to compensate prints that were nonlinearly stretched and sends these G-code commands to control the machine. In addition, I-Cut's new technology can read barcodes to find files in a database, and identify a tilted material, which can be handy to quickly place a material and cut.
I cut Techno Universal Knife System
Techno Universal Knife System is an all in one universal tool that uses one main rotary drive capable of processing multiple applications through interchangeable heads to change between the Oscillating Knife, Tangential Drag Knife, Spring Loaded Pen, Vinyl Drag Cutter or Creasing Wheel Kit when needed. Combined with the Techno Digital Registration Systems package provides you with signs and graphics in a complete and easy-to-use digital finishing solution.
Software packages Techno Software Packages
Techno understands your needs and keeps it simple, giving you the tools to produce your product, and most important providing a quick return on investment. Performance, software programming tools, Ease-of-use, learning curve, support, and scheduled updates are the ingredients we looked for when selecting programming solutions to integrate with our equipment. With this stringent criteria, we researched the software industry and concluded that EnRoute, Vetric and VisualMill (RhinoCam) were selections offering the tools that support the majority of our customer needs.


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